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to the Attorney General of the RF Mr. V. V. Ustinov
concerning the increasing use against Russian Patriots
of Article 282 of the RF Criminal Code:
“Incitement to ethnic strife” with regard to Jews

103793 Moscow, B. Dmitrovka St., 15A
Office of the RF Attorney General
Mr. V. V. Ustinov

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

We must appeal to you because of the very unfavorable state of affairs in our country which exhibits the signs of a hidden genocide against the Russian people and its traditional culture. The specific legal part of our Petition to be implemented is presented in its latter paragraphs (items 1-4). However, since the issues we are talking about are under a strong taboo, we feel it necessary not to limit ourselves to matter-of-fact, dry legalistic forms, but to preface them with an explanatory description of the essence of the problem at hand and to show the justifiable reasons for our concerns.

On Dec. 18, 2003, president V. V. Putin, during his TV address to the people, cited the following statistics, demonstrating the government's “fight against extremism:” in 1999, on the basis of Article 282 of the RF Criminal Code, “incitement to ethnic strife,” four persons were convicted; in 2000 – 10, in 2003 “there were opened over 60 cases, about 20 were brought before judges. And there were about 17-20 convictions (V. Putin: a chat with Russia on Dec. 18, 2003. M., 2003. Page 53). We have reasons to believe that the established trend is continuing.

The overwhelming majority of these cases were initiated by Jewish activists or organizations who accuse their respondents of “anti-Semitism.” The overwhelming majority of accused and convicted consider themselves to be Russian patriots. Now among the accused we find a well-known politician and a publicist, the former head of the State Committee for the Media, Mr. B. S. Mironov.

We admit that statements by Russian patriots about Jews are often sharply negative, excessively emotional, and unacceptable for public discussions, and this is interpreted by the courts as extremism. However, at the above mentioned trials, there has never been an investigation of the reasons for such a sharp hostility and for the primary source of such extremism in this interracial conflict.

Indeed, the main issue that investigators and courts must establish is the following – do the negative assessments about Jewry by Russian patriots correspond to the truth of the matter concerning the negative assessments? If there is no truth to it, then yes one can say that the Jews are being humiliated and that there is incitement to religious and ethnic strife. If there is truth to it, however, then such (negative) assessments are justified and, regardless of their emotionality, they cannot be considered as humiliating, inciting to (ethnic) strife, etc. (For instance, calling a decent person a criminal – is humiliating for him; but, calling a convicted felon a criminal – is a true statement of fact.)

Moreover, since in the ethnic conflict at hand there are two parties (the accusers and the accused), one must establish: Which side began this conflict first and is responsible for it, and is it possible that actions on the part of the accused are a self-defense against the aggressive acts of the accusing party?

We take the liberty to assure you, Mr. Attorney General, that, concerning this issue, there exists throughout the whole world a large amount of widely recognized facts and sources, on the basis of which one can draw the following conclusion: Negative assessments by Russian patriots about acts, typical for the Jews, against non-Jews are based on truth. Furthermore, these acts do not happen by chance, but are prescribed by the Judaic Talmud and have been practiced for two thousand years. Consequently, statements and publications against the Jews attributed to patriots, in the majority of cases constitute self-defense which may not always be stylistically proper, but is justified in its essence.

To prove this point, we wish to bring to your attention a book entitled “Kitsur Shulhan Aruh”, officially published in Moscow by the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (“CJROAR), which was printed more than once. This is a shortened edition of the code of laws known as “Shulhan Aruh,” compiled several centuries ago on the basis of “the Talmud”, and whose prescriptions must be still obeyed today. In the preface to the 1999 and 2000 editions, the head of the CJROAR Executive Committee, Rabbi Zinovii Kogan, makes a candid admission (italics added):

“The Editorial Board of the CJROAR deemed it necessary to omit in this translation certain Halachic directives…, the inclusion of which in a Russian-language edition could be perceived by the inhabitants of Russia who do not observe Judaism as unprovoked insults. A reader, who wishes to read the full text of “Kitsur Shulhan Aruh” is invited to come to a yeshiva to study this and many other holy books in their original form”.

In other words, one of the leaders of the Russian Jewry views as insulting for non-Jewish population of Russia certain provisions of this Jewish code of behavior, yet feels it appropriate to invite his tribesmen to study these insults in yeshivas – Jewish schools financed to some extent from federal and local budgets. But even in this censored version we find the following provisions:

• In the “Laws about idolatry,” it is stated that a “figure made from two crossed sticks that is used to worship is banned for usage” – i.e. Christianity is viewed as idolatry and all provisions defining relations with idolaters (“acums”) imply in Russia (a country with the majority confessing Orthodoxy) by and large Orthodox Christians (p. 389).
• A directive for one who comes upon a heathen temple (e.g. a church) to say a curse: “The house of arrogant will be destroyed by G-d.” When one sees a demolished church, one should exclaim: “G-d of retribution has acted!” Moreover, there is another interpretation of this provision: “Some feel that this should be understood as houses of non-Jews living in peace, calm and wealth (pp. 389-390).
• Equating non-Jews with excrements (pp. 47, 48).
• Prohibition of instructing non-Jews in trades (p. 390).
• “A Jewess should not aid a non-Jewess during birth giving”, except in cases when this would serve “not to provoke animosity toward us… and strictly for pay” (p. 390).
• “If a person borrows from a non-Jew, who subsequently passes away, he has the right to refuse payment to his son who is not sure whether or not his father loaned money to this Jew” (p. 405).
• In money matters, if a non-Jew made an error, it is permitted to profit by the error” (p. 406).
• “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew into the hands of a non-Jew, regardless whether or not the life of the Jew is involved or his property; and it is immaterial if this is done by some act or word; and it is forbidden to denounce him or point out places where his property is hidden” (p. 408) – we emphatically ask that a special note is made of this: this pertains to the prescribed behavior for Jews during an investigation and in a court of law.
• Of course, among the 13 main principles of Judaism is the expectation the Jewish world leader who will install the Jews to rule over other nations of the world: “I unconditionally believe in the coming of Moshiakh and, while he is being delayed, I will nevertheless continue to expect him every day” (p. 485). In the teachings of the Orthodox Church, this expected world ruler is equated with Antichrist about whom we have been warned by Jesus Christ (John 5:43), Apostle Paul (Thess. 2:8), and holy fathers of the Church. This is an important and inseparable part of the Orthodox teaching of the end of the world.

In the introduction to this book, the head of the Executive Committee of CJROAR, Kogan, writes that “Talmud is the unsurpassed memorial of Jewish genius” and that this extract from its morals, “Kitsur Shulhan Aruh” – “is the reading book of Jewish civilization of our times… This book is absolutely necessary for you. You may act as prescribed in it and be certain that you fulfilled the will of the M-st High.”

In addition, the head rabbi of Russia A. Shaevich remarks in the introduction: “Interest in this book surpassed our wildest expectations. A huge number of thankful responses from completely different individuals come to us all the time. Even more letters contain emphatic requests to help in acquiring this volume.”

Consequently, this is not a historical memorial, but a guide for action.

We would hope that on the basis of this one official Jewish book alone law enforcement agencies would have to, according to Article 282 of the RF Criminal Code, suppress the proliferation of a religion that incites hatred among Jewry toward all others in Russia. Particularly if one peruses the “ideally complete memorial to the Jewish morals” – “Shulhan Aruh” that is being studied in yeshivas.

Let us utilize some of its translations from the Hebrew Amsterdam edition prepared by a court expert, a scientist of Hebrew, Dr. K. Ecker, for a trial in Germany in 1893 (Dr. K. Ecker. Der “Judenspeigel” im Lichte der Wahrheit, -- eine wisentschafliche Untersuchung. Paderborn. 1884; a Russian version: Dr. K. Ecker. “The Jewish mirror” in the light of truth. A scientific study. Moscow., 1906). These court proceedings were initiated by Jews because one of their tribesmen who converted to Christianity (Ustus-Briman) published inhuman laws of “Shulhan Aruh” and Talmud. However, the court acquitted the publisher since it determined that the translation corresponded to the original. Dr. Ecker corrected some minor errors – we will cite some examples corrected by him below in typical excerpts with precise references to Jewish sources (being confident in the qualifications of the German expert in Hebrew and the German court).

• “His (a non-Jew's) semen is viewed as semen of an animal” (Tosefta -- a supplement to the Talmud Ketubot, 3b). “When a male or female servant passes away… one should not offer condolences to those who remain, but one should say to him (the Jew-owner): ‘Let G-d compensate your loss,' exactly what one would say to a person whose ox or a donkey died (Iore de'a 377-1).
• “It is forbidden to save them (non-Jews-acums) when they are near death. For instance, if you see that one of them fell into the sea, don't attempt to rescue him, even if he is willing to pay… It is permitted to test drugs on an acum to find out if it works?” (Iore de'a 158-1)
• “An acum's money is ownerless property and anyone who comes first, may take possession.” “In relation to an acum, there is no such thing as deceit” (Hoshen ga-mishpat 165-5, Haga; 227-26; 348-2, Haga).
• “When a Jew robs an acum and he (the Jew) is being forced to take oath,… he should in his heart pronounce the oath invalid because he is being forced to take it (Iore de'a 329-1, Haga). – Attention: this again relates to behavior of Jews during investigations and trials!
• “When it is established about someone that he thrice handed over a Jew or his money to an acum, then ways and means must be found to cause his death.” “Expenses incurred while causing death of a traitor must be born by all members of the community” (Hoshen ga-mishpat 388-15 and -16).
• “A traitor must be killed anywhere, even in our times. It is permitted to kill him before he submits his report (that can cause a loss ‘either bodily or financial, even if the sum is not large')… and the first one who kills him earns a merit” (Hoshen ga-mishpat 388-10).
• “A free-thinker Jew, i.e. he who conducts religious services of acums… murdering such – is a good deed. When it is possible to kill them publicly by a sword, so be it; if not, they must be trapped in every way possible to cause their death. For instance, if you see that one of them fell into a well and in the well there is a ladder, hurry to pull the ladder up while saying: ‘I have a problem – I need to take my son off a roof, I'll bring the ladder back right away' and so forth.” (Hoshen ga-mishpat 425-5).

All these statements whose accuracy has been proven (which is important!) in a German court, are corroborated by a group of modern-day rabbis and yeshiva students who protest this racist morality. For instance, an Israeli writer, I. Shamir, has published in the journal “Nash sovremennik” (“Our contemporary”), 2004, No. 11, the following currently valid provisions against which these conscientious Jews are protesting (also see the web site http://www.talkreason.org/articles/gentiles.cfm):

• “The Jews are fully-fledged, perfect beings; non-Jews, on the other hand, while are human, are neither full-fledged not perfect. The difference between the Jews and other peoples is similar to a difference between a body and soul or the difference between humans and animals… The difference between the soul of a Jew and that of a non-Jew is greater, deeper, and more significant than the difference between a soul of an animal and a human.”
• “The prohibition to feel hate toward another human being refers exclusively to Jews… The Jewish law allows vindictiveness and rancor toward non-Jews.”
• “Every idolater (both Jew and non-Jew)

To all this one might add the words from the prayer Shefokh in which the Jews before the feast of Passover call upon their “god” to “exterminate from the universe” all other nations.

We greatly appreciate the fact that in our rejection of this Judaic hatred of mankind we stand together with most honest representatives of the Jewish nation. Such as citizens of Israel Israel Shahak from the Jerusalem University and Israel Shamir, who denounce the morality of “Shulhan Aruh” both in the Talmudic theory and in the government practice of Jewish administration in relation to the Palestinians (also see I. Shamir's publication in the journal “Nash sovremennik,” 2003, No. 10).

Let us note that the murderous provisions cited above – are not theoretical to this day, but an accepted practice. Thus, former chairman of the Jewish community in Charkov E. Hodos published a proof (An ax over Orthodoxy, or Who killed Fr. Men',” Charkov, 1999) that blames members of Jewish movement Habad in the 1990 murder of a Jew-priest Alexander Men' (who “conducted religious services of acums” and dreamed about the establishment of a “Jewish Orthodox church” which is considered a crime according to the laws of Israel). RF leaders, however, disregarded this evidence: They were looking for the guilty strictly among “Russian anti-Semites.”

Upholders of the “Shulhan Aruh” morality are not surprised by the fact that numerous anti-Jewish acts throughout the world are staged by Jews themselves as provocations – to create a reason for the persecution against patriots. The best known incident in Russia is the Norinsky case who in 1988 mailed threats to Jews in the name of the “Pamiat'” organization, so that the government would initiate some repressions against it; he was aided in this by editor-in-chief of journal “Znamia” G. Baklanov, a tribesman of his, who published 500,000 copies of this flyer. Only after this the provocation was exposed (“Znamia” No. 10, 1988; “Pravda,” 11.19.88; “Komsomol'skaia Pravda,” 11.24.88; “Ogonek” No. 9, 1989). Among the most recent events one can mention a strange series of acts of vandalism in 1998-1999: on May 13, 1998, there was an explosion in the synagogue in the Mar'ina roshcha (a wall was damaged); on the same day, not far from a synagogue in Otradnoe, a “burning gasoline can was found,” while in Irkutsk a “Jewish cemetery was vandalized.” As to be expected, there was a loud noise in the world's media, and everything was – without proof -- blamed on some “Russian nationalists” (“Independent newspaper,” 5.15.98). But when, soon after this, in 1999, there was a synagogue devastated in Birobidzhan, and a court established that it was done by a person hired by the Jews themselves (“Radonezh,” 1999, Nos. 15-16) – the democratic media ignored the event.

On the basis of the cited rules and practice of Jewish behavior, it is not difficult to understand why a constant companion of Jewry among all nations has been the notorious “anti-Semitism” – e.g. the non-acceptance of the Judaic morality. Precisely for this reason the Jews had no equal rights in Christian countries and gained them only after bourgeois revolutions that overthrew traditional authority. The same took place in the Russian Empire where the Jews, after unsuccessful attempts of the tsarist government to make them “the same as everybody else,” lost equal rights in the XIX century. Not because they were Jews by blood (the empire was a multiethnic country); and not because they were non-Christian (there were other non-Christians – Moslems, Buddhists etc,); but because Jewish religion is anti-Christian and man-hating, extending to ritual murders among their extremely zealous adepts. Numerous cases of such ritual extremism were also proven in a court of law (see, for instance, a study conducted by the pre-revolutionary Ministry of Internal Affairs: V. I. Dal'. “An investigation concerning murders of Christian babies by the Jews and the usage of their blood,” St.-Petersburg, 1844).

The spiritual cause of this man-hatred is explained in the New Testament by Christ speaking about Jewish spiritual leaders who rejected God Father and therefore rejected and crucified God's Son: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do; he was a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:19, 44). This is the widely accepted by the Orthodox explanation of Judaic aggressiveness as a form of Satanism. It was used by well-known philosopher members of intelligentsia who could not possibly be suspect of anti-Semitism. For instance, A. F. Losev (Istochnik. M.? 1196, No. 4. p. 117-122), Fr. Paul Florensky (see in the book: V. V. Rozanov. “Sakharna,” M., published by “Respublika,” 1998, p. 360) and Fr. Segiy Bulgakov: Jewry, which rejected Chrict, became a “laboratory of all kinds of spiritual perversions, poisoning the world and particularly the Christian mankind” (“Vestnik RKhD”. Paris. 1973, No. 108-110, p. 72). Even a Judeo-Christian Fr. Alexander Men', who fought against “anti-Semitism,” maintained that a Jew, who rejects Christianity, “betrays himself and easily finds himself under the power of forces of darkness” (journal “Evrei in USSR,” 1975, No. 11).

This, unfortunately, happened with the majority of the Jewish people (as opposed by its lesser part who converted to Christianity). But overall, they don't want to admit this and feel that statement of truth by Christ and, after Him, by Orthodox Christians, is “insulting” to the Jews. Jewish plaintiffs frequently direct their accusations in “anti-Semitism” against this essential part of the Orthodox teachings, demanding that it be banned (as in the case with the textbook “The bases of the Orthodox Culture).

However, we cannot accept a ban on Orthodox knowledge of the meaning of history as a struggle of Good (on the side of Church) and Evil (on the side of the opposing religion, that readies the rule of Antichrist).

Following behests of Orthodox Church Fathers, neither can we follow the disseminating false understanding of tolerance as humility before sin, evil, lies and, in this case, a struggle against God. A Christian must, precisely because of the likeness of God implanted into every human being, and for the sake of saving one's soul, point out to the Jews their dangerous deviation from the truth. In this, from a Christian point of view, is the expression of true love to men, because only the conversion into true Christian faith can save a Jew. A “tolerant” indulgence for the Jews and Satanism will only enhance their spiritual ruin. And due to their onslaught – many of their victims.

One should immediately respond to a possible objection that Russian patriots blaming the Jews, not always distinguish between religious and non-religious Jews, while the majority of them do not view themselves as believing Jews and don't study “ Shulhan Aruh.” However, many generations of isolated existence of Jewry among other nations (here lies the meaning of Jewish kagal as “a state within state” – see books by Jewish authors: “Anti-Semitism in the Ancient world” by S. Lour'e and “The book of kagal” by Ia. Brafman) resulted in a situation where the moral of “Shulkhan Aruh” became a part of the Jewish national self conscience even in its secular form. The following conclusion was made by a known Jewish writer-sociologist X. Arendt:

“Fully realistic Jewish chauvinism was born precisely in the process of secularization… The vision of the supremacy of the Jews transformed… into a vision that the Jews are the salt of Earth. From this time on, the old religious concept of the supremacy ceases to be the essence of Judaism and becomes the essence of the Jewry” (“Anti-Semitism//Syntaxes,” Paris, No. 26, 1989).

This “realistic Jewish chauvinism” and unceremonious attitude in the spirit of “Shulkhan Aruh” clearly expressed themselves during the terrible genocide against the Russian orthodox people during the 1920-1930s (which suggests that the Jews should be particularly restrained in their accusations against Russian patriots), as well as during the downfall of the Soviet Union and the post-Communist reforms in our country that brought about an unlawful appropriations of state property as “ownerless” and in the makeup of the new ruling class: “ there are numerous Jews in the government” – proudly proclaims rabbi A. Shaevich (“Independent gazette,” “Figures and faces,” 1998, No. 16). Consequently, their corresponding influence upon the nation's life turned out to be completely out of proportion to their numbers (0.16% according to the latest census) which is detrimental to the interests of all other people of the land, particularly the Russians who are the main stay of the country.

A known Jewish journalist, L. Radzikhovsky, calls this a “democratic-capitalistic revolution… Jewish and near-Jewish intelligentsia in Russia, that has been one of the main carriers of western-liberal ideology, became the ideologue of this revolution.” Therefore, “the Jews have a greater specific gravity in Russian politics and business than in politics and business in any other Christian country.” Radzikhovsky calls this “Luck of the Jews” and this is the headline of his article (“Novoye Russkoye Slovo,” 1.17.96).

Jewish oligarchs themselves openly explained on an Israel TV (2nd program, 10.3.96) about the sources of this “luck” in the revolution that they staged (italic emphasis added):

“The degree of corruption in Russia entirely corresponds to the degree of transformations in Russia. I don't think that Israel official… have such opportunity to redistribute wealth costing tens, hundreds millions and billions… all this was ownerless, all this belonged to the state, all this belonged to everyone! A government official could decide with a stroke of a pen whether or not this belongs to you or someone else… A good fight which produced the result we have today” (Berezovsky). “Such income and such profits that could be earned in Russia could not be earned anywhere else… The greater part of capital there, 50%, belongs to the Jewish business” (Malkin, today a member of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress). Gusinsky, the first chairman of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC), during that TV program listed among the reasons for such Jewish luck the following – “toughness,” “fewer rules, more rules of force, more rules of aggression.”

Let us also not forget that Gusinsky, while heading the RJC, was accused of financial crimes, after which he disappeared with the stolen moneys to Israel. His successor in this position, Nevzlin, went into hiding to the same place, after he was accused of complicity in murdering his competitors. And these people were chosen by the Jewry to be their leaders, while the international Jewry protected them from a trial in every way by crying about “state anti-Semitism!” Think how many similar criminals are continuing their “good fight” -- for power in Russia, in the final analysis.

“For the first time in thousand years from the time of settlement of Jews in Russia we obtained real power in this country,” states another Jewish journalist, E. Topol', in his “Open letter to Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Khodorkovsky and other oligarchs” (Argumenty I Fakty,” 1998, No. 38). Here Topol' and other sensitive Jews (for instance, Iu. Nudel'man – see “Sovetskaia Rossia,” 6.20.02) underscore that destructive and selfish polity of Jewish oligarchs, humiliating the Russian people, provokes animosity of the Russian people to the Jews.

We are asking the office of Attorney General to take into account this opinion of Topol' and Nudel'man as the admission of responsibility by the Jewish side for today's heightening of the Russian-Jewish conflict.

Furthermore, in order to retain unlawfully appropriated “ownerless” state property and their power, this ruling class is conducting a purposeful policy of degradation of people's morals and the destruction of spiritual values, aiming to convert the people into an animal mass without faith and traditions – this to make it easier to rule over it and to suppress it's resistance. In this, one can see obvious signs of spiritual genocide of our nation.

Case in point: It was precisely the Jews who staged a fierce resistance to the teaching in schools of “The bases of Orthodox culture,” and precisely due to the Jewish initiative we, the state-forming Russian people, are forbidden to indicate our nationality in a passport. The head RF rabbi Shaevich, in an interview to “The Los-Angeles Times,” confirmed that it was the Jews who insisted that the line for indicating nationality in a passport be removed. As the reason for this position, he stated that the “Jews have taken over high posts within the administration (www.portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=rating&id=21). In other words, they themselves realize what impression about their nationality people have and therefore are trying to hide it – this speaks for itself.

Among other numerous examples of destroying spiritual values we would like to turn your attention, Mr. Attorney General, to the policy of the minister of culture, Shvydky, (he is now in charge of the state committee for cultural affairs) and particularly at his TV program “The cultural revolution.” In this program, the Russian patriotism and Orthodox traditions are regularly humiliated, promoted are four-letter words and the idea that “Sex is the engine of culture” (3.7.02). All protests of the Russian community against this disgraceful, essentially provocative activity of this “head of the culture of the land” remain unsuccessful.

Furthermore, Shvydky and his colleagues have at their disposal major channels of the Russian TV, while Russian Orthodox patriots who are trying to defend themselves have only newspapers with negligible circulations for which they are being persecuted and tried – this inequality in means also involuntarily may lead to excessive emotionality, particularly in cases when they are trying to beat back blasphemous and insolent acts of persons of Jewish origin. However, such emotionality of cornered defending side should not be confused with the aggressive emotionality of the attacking side. For an Orthodox person, aggression is unthinkable, however he is called upon to fight for his people and his sacred objects – an example for this was set by Christ Himself when he chased disrespectful sellers from the Temple with a horsewhip.

Statements by the Jews directed at non-Jews that are published in Jewish newspapers printed in the RF are considerably more aggressive than statements of accused Russian patriots. For instance, in the official newspaper of the Russian Jewish Congress titled “Evreiskie novosti” (Jewish news, 2002, No. 16, p. 9) Knesset deputy A. Liberman proposed forced removal of Palestinians from Israel. Note that the Palestinians – in disregard of resolution of the UN's Security Council – are not simply being evicted from their homeland (4 million refugees), but their activists and their families are being murdered, and homes of their relatives are demolished; this is how “Shulhan Aruh” is implemented in the state policy of Israel. Yet the RF Jewry supports it: The Russian Jewish Congress, in a list of their goals, announced that it “conducts acts of solidarity with the people of Israel and political lobbying of Israel's interests” (Jewish news, 2002, No. 15, p. 5). This goal is also being pursued by the State Institute for Israel and Near-East Studies whose leader, Satanovsky, simultaneously heads the Russian Jewish Congress.

Jewish communities in all countries are engaged in “political lobbying” of interests of the international Jewry at the expense of interests of countries where they live, especially the United States – this nation became an instrument for achieving global goals of Jewry, which was openly recognized by A. Sharon in Knesset in 2001. The Jews even managed to use the U.S. Army in Israel's interests to destroy an entire country – Iraq. Yet they are trying to camouflage racism of their “Shulhan Aruh” by preventive accusations in “anti-Semitism” (e.g., supposedly racial hatred) of all those who do not agree with their morality, their acts, their wars. Such substitution of concepts is grossly fraudulent which should be obvious to any objective judge. For instance, the “Moscow Bureau for Human Rights,” led by A. Brod, overwhelmed the Attorney General's office with such “anti-Semitic” complaints, essentially blocking the work of law enforcement agencies and demonstrating, in the process, that they understand the term “human rights” as primarily rights of the Jews. It can be said, that the entire democratic world today finds itself under the financial and political control of the international Jewry, which serves as a source of open pride to some influential bankers (J. Attali and others). And we don't want to see our Russia, against the rebirth of which there is being waged an ongoing permanent preventive war without rules, among these nations with no freedom.

Accordingly, we, both in the interests of protection of our Fatherland, as well as for the sake of personal self-defense, wish to submit to you, Mr. Attorney General, the following specific (items 1-4), based upon RF laws, requests aimed at suppressing both the theory and practice of this kind of extremism:

1. To investigate the fact of official printing in Moscow, in Russian, by the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (business address: 101000 Moscow, B. Spasoglinishchevsky per., 10, str. 1) a Judaic set of rules of conduct “Kitsur Shulhan Aruh” that contains in its 1999 and 2001 editions directions for hating non-Jews. Please note, that this is not simply an ancient historical text, but rather a guide for action in our times, which is underscored by the head of the Executive Committee the CJROAR rabbi Z. Kogan in the book's preface, while the head rabbi for Russia A. Shaevich testifies in the same preface about the large popularity of this book among today's Russian Jewry. In Moscow this book was distributed in numerous Jewish book stores (for instance, at the School of Journalism of Moscow State University) and, of course, in synagogues. Quite recently, in 2004, it was on sale at the book store of a synagogue at the CJROAR's address given above.

If the book becomes identified as extremist, it will help expose and isolate one of the major sources of primary extremism in Russia that sometimes gives rise to responsive extremism. This, however, should be only the first step. For eradicating this type of extremism, one must eliminate its deeper causes.

2. To this end, we are asking that you investigate the fact of written admission by rabbi Z. Kogan in the book's preface that its more extreme directions, taken out for the sake of conspiracy and characterized by Kogan himself as insulting for non-Jews, are being taught in Jewish educational institutions – yeshivas. Rabbi Kogan openly invites his tribesmen to visit yeshivas for studying the insults. For an investigation, it should be sufficient to analyze educational materials in known Moscow yeshivas, including those belonging to the Federation of Jewish Organizations of Russia of rabbi Berl Lazar, which is considered extremist by rabbis Kogan and Shaevich themselves, “imitating actions of criminal structures” (Mezhdunarodnaia evreiskaia gazeta, 2005, Nos. 7-8, p. 1). We are asking that the check of yeshivas' educational materials is done with the participation of experts, independent interpreters specializing in Hebrew (non-Jews), using the excerpts from the mentioned texts of “Talmud” and “Shulhan Aruh” that were cited earlier within Dr. K. Ecker's translation for a [German] trial.

If the check corroborates the admission by rabbi Kogan and such educational materials be banned for usage – this will be the second important step in overcoming the primary source of extremism. However, it should be taken into account, that these texts constitute the foundation and essence of Judaism, which the Jews will not denounce, even if they make additional deletions in these books, simply transforming their cult of hatred into a verbal form (as they have been doing this for a long time in Christian states). Therefore, for the eradication of this source of extremism, we feel necessary the following step – obvious measures for similarly strict observance of Russian laws, which are applied to other extremist organizations.

3. More specifically, on the basis of Article 282 of the RF Criminal Code, the law for “counteracting extremist activity” (2002) and Article 13-5 of the RF Constitution (a “ban on establishment and operation of public associations whose goals are aimed at rousing social, racial, ethnic and religious dissension”) we request that a process be officially initiated for banning in our country all religious and ethnic associations based on the morality of “Shulhan Aruh” as extremist. We are also asking that individuals, responsible for providing these associations with state and municipal property, privileges, and state financing, be brought to justice regardless of their positions. We are also asking to examine a question whether or not it is permissible for adherents to such morality, after their complicity to such extremist associations has been proven, to occupy positions of influence within the government service and the media (“the fourth government”).

4. We are asking that the results of these verifications be taken into account not only in current trials involving Russian patriots accused of “anti-Semitism,” but in a review of all analogous prior sentences that were instigated by the Jewish side to ascertain to what extent they were justified in the light of the above statements.

Should you, Mr. Attorney General, feel that our Petition cannot be accepted for consideration due to the fact that we did not adhere to some unknown to us at this time formal provisions or we made some formal omissions – we stand ready to remove these obstacles. All the signers of the Petition authorize us, who submitted the Petition to you, to do so. But this should not serve as a reason for rejecting our Petition as far as its subject matter is concerned.

Please reply to the address of those who submitted the Petition.

A copy of the Petition is being sent to the State Duma, asking them to submit a deputy inquiry concerning items 1-4 presented above.

March 7/20, 2005
The Triumph of Orthodoxy

A necessary postscript

A preliminary version of our Petition, for the purpose of discussing it and collecting signatures, was posted on Dec. 15, 2004 at several web sites (in some cases modified by their editors) and soon was endorsed by 20 deputies of the State Duma (for which we are thankful to them in spite of certain misunderstandings that followed). After one month after its first publication, in January 2005, an artificially associated with the anniversary of Osventsim world-wide (literally!) campaign against signers of the Petition as “Nazi-provocateurs” has been unleashed with demands that WE be punished for “the incitement of ethnic strife,” rather than publishers and teachers of “Shulhan Aruh.” The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights and the Russian Jewish Congress filed corresponding complaints to the Attorney General's office. Our Petition was not published in the media – there were only unsubstantiated accusations in “anti-Semitism” and “provocation,” while interviews with signers would be distorted. Under the pressure of this campaign we were judged guilty without any substantiation and numerous representatives of the RF government exerted some pressure as well. Some signers were subjected to a pressure from certain government offices – and all this without any investigation or court examination and even without an analysis of the Petition by the Attorney General's office! We view these assaults as slander and actions by the authorities as unlawful.

We can thank all these Jewish forces and those under their control, since they graphically demonstrated dishonesty of their method of accusations in “anti-Semitism” – with the obvious intent to camouflage the essence of the problem, just as we pointed out in our Petition. This reaction once again confirms our warning about the huge influence of international Jewry within the mass media and power structures in our country, which is unacceptable to the sense of our civil duty and our conscience.

Also worthy of note is the fact that during these weeks Mr. Shvydkoy and M. Gelman with impunity demonstrated another sample of mockery by bearers of this morality about Russian Culture and Orthodoxy – organized by them at government's expense exhibit titled “Russia-2” that included a number of blasphemous “works of art” (ask a sample from the TV program “Russky vzgliad”, 2.27.05). We join the protests of the Russian community demanding a full investigation of this anti-Russian extremism and, finally, bring the highly-placed blasphemers to justice!

We were not striving to maximize the number of signatures under the Petition, because their amount is not what matters. Nevertheless, we suppose that millions of our countrymen, including not only Russians and Orthodox, but representatives of other ethnic groups and confessions, would add their signatures to ours if they had the opportunity (this became obvious, for instance, by voting during the TV program “K bar'eru”, NTV, Feb. 3, 2005). We are aware that many sent letters to the Attorney General's office in support of the Petition. In some cities ad-hoc groups submitted similar Petitions to local law enforcement agencies concerning the activities of local organizations based upon the morality of “Shulhan Aruh.” We are hoping that these spreading protests will also be accepted by the Attorney General for processing and will enhance the self-organization of our people for defense.

Accordingly, we feel that the first objective of our Petition has been achieved: The issue concerning the self-incriminating, man-hating morality of “Shulhan Aruh” is no longer under a taboo, and there is an opportunity for publicly discussing it. The attitude toward this issue on the part of various authorities, politicians, public and religious activists clearly defines the front line in the present battle waged against Russia: Who stands up for the interests of our people and who is ready to betray them because of “the fear of the Jews.” We are hoping that in law enforcement structures there are honest individuals who are capable to perform their civic duty and will take up a position for which they will not be ashamed before their people and God.


Anikin V., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Astraxanskaja derzhava» (Astraxan')
Antonov V. V., editor of journal «Imperskij vestnik» (S.-Peterburg)
Belov V. I., write, winner of a State award (Vologda)
Budjanov V. P., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Pamjat'» (Novosibirsk)
Burov Pavel, Russian Orthodox Priest (Moskva)
Vardugin V. I., deputy editor-in-chief of journal "Volga" (Saratov)
Varsonofij (Samarin), Russian Orthodox abbot (Stavropol'skij kraj)
Gorelikov P. N., lieutenant-colonel, head of KKOO «Pravoslavnye oficery» (Krasnodar)
Grjaznov V. L., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Russkij front Moskovii» (Moskva)
Dzikovickij A. V., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Kazachij Vzgljad» (Obninsk, Kaluzhskoj obl.)
Dushenov K. JU., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Rus' Pravoslavnaja» (S.-Peterburg)
Egorov A. G., editor of newspaper «Vitjaz'» (Barnaul)
Ershkov K. I., chairman of Orthodox Russian-Serbian brotherhood (Moskva)
Ivashov L. G., general-colonel, phd in history (Moskva)
Zaderej V. A., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Znanie – vlast'!» (Moskovskaja obl.)
Kalent'ev V. F., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Otchizna» (Nizhnij Novgorod)
Kartasheva N. V., poet (Moskva)
Klimov D. V., exec. Secretary of newspaper «Zemskoe obozrenie» (Saratov)
Klykov V. M., peoples artist of Russia, head of Russian Common Movement (Moskva)
Kolodezev I. V., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Russkaja Sibir'» (Novosibirsk)
Kulebjakin I. V., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Moskovskie vorota» (Obninsk)
Lizunov I. K., Cossack ataman «Spas» (Obninsk)
Mironov B. S., writer, chairman of the Union of Slavic Journalists (Moskva)
Mironov V. L., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Russkij front Kubani» (Krasnodar)
Mironova T. L., Phd, writer (Moskva)
Mkrtchjan E. V., singer, winner of Pushkin award, leads show «Vozvrashhenie na Rodinu» (Moskva)
Nazarov M. V., writer-historian, head of publishing house «Russkaja ideja» (Moskva)
Osipov V. N., head of Union « Christianskoe Vozrozhdenie» (Moskva)
Pashhenko O., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Krasnojarskoj gazety» (Krasnojarsk)
Putincev S. A., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Za Rus'!» (Novorossijsk)
Ryzhko V. E., movie producer (Moskva)
Savel'ev JU. V., head of Russian community (Ekaterinburg)
Solujanov A. P., general-major, hero of USSR, head of "Sojuza Arxangela Mixaila” (Moskva)
Spasskij B. V., 10th world chess champion, editor-in-chief of newspaper «SHaxmatnaja nedelja» (Parizh–Moskva)
Sprjadyshev V. M., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Russkij front Povolzh'ja» (g. Volzhskij, Volgogradskoj obl.)
Terent'ev S. V., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Kolokol» (Volgograd)
Turik A. S., editor-in-chief of newspaper «Russkij Vostok» (Irkutsk)
Xatjushin V. V., deputy editor-in-chief of «Molodaja gvardija» (Moskva)
SHafarevich I. R., academician RAS (Moskva)
SHaxmatov A. V., singer, head of World's Russian Center (Sidnej–Moskva)

... And others about 5000 in all, including many Russian Orthodox clergy.

“These signatures are presented as they were submitted to the Attorney General's office. If in the future, as certain Jewish mass media maintain, they will force some signers to retract their signatures, we presume that those individuals will notify the public themselves. We will view such cases as a further proof of Jewish power and confirmation of what was stated in this Petition.”



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