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Collection of signatures under the “Petition 5000” is continuing!

On March 21, 2005, representatives of the Movement “To live without the Fear of the Jews” (in Russian, the Movement is described HERE) filed the “Petition of 5000”  with the Russian Federation's Attorney General. You may see it in English HERE, in Russian – HERE, in French – HERE, and in German – HERE. If you wish to support this initiative, please fill out and submit this form. For your convenience, on line “My statement,” you may copy and paste the following sentence:

“I, the undersigned, support the Petition of 5000 concerning Jewish extremism that was filed with the RF Attorney General on March 21, 2005”

or you may write in a statement of support in your own words.

After completing the form, please check it for accuracy and send by pressing the button “Submit,” located at the bottom of the form, right under the line “Comments.”

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